Latest Herping by me AND FANS OF SITE!

   comment or email me for ur herping to appear!comment ppl can just look at and email and ill post em on site!

                                                              ME 10/11/07

      I was out hunting and it was about 7 or 7:30 pm (getting dark in arkansas) and i decided to get down and head back to the house…Get outta my deer stand and hear leaves rustle around a little and look down to a baby copperhead striking at me!So i pick the booger up and put him in my hat!i cover it with my mask and turn to get my bow and arrow (cheap arrows so the blades were falling out!not sharp any more AT ALL). So I get em and turn around and hes getting outta my hat!so i pressed his head down with arrow and carry him,my bow,and an arrow back home.Imma go buy him pinky mice soon.parents made me let him go..;(


              I was riding around and saw a box turtle on the side of the road,we pulled over and got him.He has ornage spots on his tail, arms, and tail! I am going to release him soon.Probably tommarow…


          I was out hunting anbd looked over cause i heard a rustling in the leaves,..I see a HUGE…COPPERHEAD just about to get ahold of me!I jumped up and he was so big i wasnt gonna mess with him..I scared him off and left. On my way home i was walking and looked down to see the cutest little thing..A MILKSNAKE!I catch him and took him home and am studying my Eastern Milksnake (Lampropeltis Triangulum)!note: i saw the Milksnake about 2 mins after the copperhead!I say I have a good area to herp right behind the house!


             The way most my herping happens..I was going hunting and on my way out i saw a dead rough green snake (I thought! ;? ) But as i went to pick the snake up it started crawling around on my hand..?It was like it had only been paralized!But i think it was just digging.It had it’s mouth filled with dirt..

                    5:41pm 10/24

               I am about to go herping.Brb (Be Right Back) in about an hour! 


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