Facts Sheet

                             Fangs Of Deadly Venamous Snakes

        The fangs of most deadly venamous snakes are syringe-like.That is, they ar long and thin,hollow and have a bevelled tip.Like a syringe these fangs have evolve to deliver a liquid (venom) under pressure.Hence the venom canbe deliveredquikly in a rapid bite.

        Grooved Teeth have evolved many diffrnt kinds of snakes.Generally there is a mild strong venom associated with these teeth,but because the groove is open,the venom can only “drip” slowlyinto the wound when the snake bites and chews.

         One problem with evolving fangs i hollow fangs always occur in the front part of the jaw whereas grooved teeth,or fangs,are only in the rear part of the jaw.

                          NOTE!:I did not now these either!…I went t http://www.amonline.net and foun this info!

                   The Pine Tree In Arkansas That Has World Wide Herpetologist Studying It

  There is one speceific pine tree in arkansas that every year at a certain time has atleast 500 copperheads a day come to it!No one knows why they come.No one knows why that certain tree.No one even knows why its copperheads only!But they have very skilled herpetologist working on finding out the answers.


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14 08 2008

i love your site!!!! i love herpetology!!!!

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