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25 08 2007

Reptiles & Amphibians

28 07 2007

                 With all ur info on snakes,lizards,frogs,and much more!But Mainly…SNAKES! Email me at if u want me to post something and i will check it and post it!But No Cursing And No Cruel Acts can be said was taken place!OR ELSE I WILL INSTANTLY REPORT U TO AUTHORITIES!

                                              What I read about!

                There was a zoology teacher who took his class on a trpis to MEXICO!He ran across a huge venamous speciman in the road!So he gets out to catch this huge rattle snake (shown below).AND IT BITES HIM!

                              here he is!he was said to be 7 feet long!


                   the bite his PIC 1


                    His PIC 2


                            his last pic


       go to, but i google image searched cottonmouth bite and it was the first pic…u will notice the horrific pics

                             theres some new tabs above

              Did you know (im not saying I even agree to this one) that snakes,like all reptiles,cant LEARN!? This is because they lack the enlarged CEREBRAL HEMISPHERES found in birds and mamals,this is the part of the brain that controls thought and learning…Did you know that?:)

               Did u know snaks are COMPLETELY DEAF!This is so grandma and grandpa dont feel bad about being deaf!Just kidding.But they do pick up vibrations!

              Most snakes have over 200 teeth..I think we only have about 30 or 40…Email me if u know the answer to that please ( ).They use there teeth diffrent than we do.We chew food with our’s while snakes hold their pray in their mouth.They dont chew with their teeth because they are pointed backwards!Now did u know that?:)

               Ok maybe you knew them first few but how about this?Snakes can eat/swallow pray up to THREE times the size of their mouth!!!WOW!THATS INTERESTING!They can only do this cause of a jaw bone that we dont have that let their mouth expaind VERY flexible.I think its called a tendon..i think.I heard on a couple of accaisions they have even swallowed WHOLE TIGERS!THATS LIKE US EATING A BASKETBALL!:)

                 Now lets say you knew that all..well u may want to be a herpetologist!Herpetology is the study of Reptiles (snakes,gators,lizards,turtles,scaley animals but fish,etc) & Amphibians (Frogs,tadpoles,salamanders,etc.)

 Check This!


                                  NOTE FOR VIEWERS!:i get all this info from websites!Iam not a skilled herpetologist but i do study herpetogical stuff in my spare time!I hope to someday be a herpetologist!but i cant confirm this info!